Minor Surgery

All of the doctors perform some minor surgery and Dr. McCormick has a particular interest in minor surgical procedures. Dr. McCormick is a member of the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland which is a grouping of General Practitioners with an interest in minor surgery.

The new Medical Centre in Clonbrusk is equipped with a sterilisation suite and minor surgical operating suite which is appropriately equipped to carry out a range of minor surgical procedures in a safe and sterile fashion.

Procedures carried out:
Suturing of wounds
Removal of in-growing toenails and permanent
eradication of the outer fold of the nail growth plate reducing the risk of recurrence
Removal of sebaceous cysts and other cysts from the skin
Removal of cysts from the eye (Meibomian Cyst or Chalazion)
Removal of moles and unwanted skin tags
Excision of retention cysts inside the mouth and on the lip
Excision of facial and other cysts
Biopsy of skin lesions including incisional biopsy excisional, shave and curettage.
Excision of non-melanoma skin cancers
Removal of lipomas
Incision and drainage of thrombosed external haemorrhoids
Division of frenulum in tongue tie and with the foreskin
Removal and insertion of Mirena and Implanon
These procedures are carried out on a daily basis and can be arranged with doctors concerned

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