Men's Health

This visit is a comprehensive screen for men who tend not to visit their doctor regularly and would like a full medical check performed. This will include:

Blood pressure
Urine examination
Abdominal girth
Electrocardiograph (ECG)

Fasting blood tests to include full blood count (FBC), kidney function test (U&E), liver function test (LFT), thyroid function test (TFT), fasting lipid analysis, fasting blood glucose, bone profile, iron studies, vitamin B12, folic acid, uric acid, prostate specific antigen (PSA) (over 40 years of age)

Medical examination including cardiovascular examination, respiratory examination, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, gastro-intestinal, musculo-skeletal system, abdominal examination, testicular examination, prostate/rectal examination, skin examination.

Other tests such as audiometry and x-rays can be arranged in the Primary Care Centre, as appropriate. We recommend a period of fasting prior to this medical. Other tests are arranged, as appropriate including endoscopies, stress Electrocardiograph (ECG), Echocardiography, 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring (BPM).
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